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Outdoor living & hardscapes as easy as 1-2-3 

 1    See it
2     Build It
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3     Enjoy It
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M.P.S. prides itself on quality workmanship and superior customer service from start to finish.  Our success is dependent upon a great customer experience and we don't stop until we get it.  


Thanks for your interest in M.P.S.

Our Process

Step 1 - Initial Contact/Meeting

Typically, the process starts with a quote request through our website, and Joey or Nikki will reach out for a short phone call to discuss your project and ultimately set up a time for an onsite meeting.

Once onsite, we can discuss your project a little more in-depth and explore your options.  Also at this time, we get measurements and photos needed to create a quote and/or 3-D rendering.  

Quotes can take a day or two, and up to a week depending on the complexity.  They are itemized quotes and sent via email.

Request a quote below.

Step 2 - Itemized Quote

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Quotes are an itemized breakdown of your project with material quantities, labor, and equipment costs.  

We can provide multiple quotes or breakdown projects into phases on a single quote.  Depending on complexity, a quote usually takes 1-3 Days on average with more complex projects taking a week or longer

Step 3 - 3-D Design

Projects that need a 3-D design on average take 3-5 days for your first rendering.  We highly recommend a design for hardscapes, pools, and outdoor living spaces. 

It ensures that we are on the same page before the crew shows up for construction.  

Step 4 - Booking Deposit

At this point, you have your estimate, 3-D design, and you're ready to move forward with your project.  We require a small booking deposit which secures your spot in line on our schedule. 


It is not a guaranteed start date, and we keep you up to date as we complete the projects before you.

As a lot of our projects begin, changes can be made that affect the timeline as well as complete add-ons from the customer that may increase the timeline of the project.  

Weather plays another factor in our scheduling and the completion of jobs in a timely matter.

Step 5 - Pre construction 


Allan Block Retaining Wall Certified Contractor

Certified Paver Contractor

A week or 2 before your scheduled project starts, we have a preconstruction meeting to discuss any remaining questions or details.  

Step 6 - Construction 

Construction begins and we can keep you updated by phone call or text.  Hopefully, you are home, and can just come out to see the progress and ask questions if you have any.

If we haven't already, we collect our initial project deposit which helps cover materials and the initial labor. 


The remainder is collected upon project completion.

For larger projects, we may set up a custom pay schedule for certain intervals of the project.

Step 7 - Project Completed

We've completed the final touches and checked all the boxes.  Now your project is completed and ready for you to enjoy.  We ask that you have the final payment ready for the project completion and that you leave a review of your experience.

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