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Concrete Repair

Concrete from the day it is poured is in a constant process of drying or curing.  Although 90% of the curing happens in the first 48 hours, after that it is essentially drying very slowly and eventually makes itself brittle.  When I say eventually we are talking about possibly 50 years or more with out routine care.  If you happen to keep up on regular maintenance(more on this later) we're are talking a lot longer than 50 years.  Location, weathering, and routine care or lack there of; have a very huge impact on the life expectancy of concrete projects.  

Regular maintenance greatly improves the life expectancy of ones concrete project.  You might be wondering what that includes or requires of you?  Well we can take care of it all for you or we can show you some videos to teach you how for the DIY types out there.  Pressure washing is probably the most regular maintenance your concrete is going to need as well as the easiest.  Depending on the environment your concrete is in you could benefit from once a year cleaning or every couple years which would also be a good time to seal your concrete.  Sealing should be done every 3 to 5 years on average.  Again, depending on environment this could be 2 year or less for harsh areas(heavy precipitation, freeze-thaw cycles, de-icing products-, etc).  Speaking of de-icing products, calcium chloride should be used on concrete surfaces over salt.  It can be found at your local hardware store(most likely).  You can also find concrete sealers there as well.  Just follow the manufacturers recommended instructions for application of the product.  Most use a steel sprayer that can withstand the corrosive properties of the sealer.  Unlike your average garden weed sprayer, the rubber fittings/ O-rings will corrode quickly as well as the entire container and start mixing with your sealer which is going to cost you money, time, and trouble.  Here is a video from the brand we use Sealer application video.  This is a quick video on how to clean and seal your concrete or paver project.

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