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3-D Landscape Design

We can create your project in a 3-D rendering to give you an idea of what your project could look like. 

This makes it easier to make revisions to the plan and discuss details in depth.

2 Design Options
Option 1

Best for customers abroad or know what they want & contractors!

Step 1

Submit a picture of your project area.  Including dimensions is a huge help for us and taking a couple pictures from different angles

Video walk-throughs are great too!

For our local customers, on-site consultations are a standard practice but we typically charge for on-site consultations.  $50 is the cost and should you choose to move forward with a design package or project the $50 is credited towards the cost.  That said, on-site consultation is not required.

Step 2

Along with your pictures, a hand-drawn or computer-drawn sketch of your ideas for the project layout.  Including rough dimensions is a huge plus!  See the example below.  Don't worry if you don't have an idea, we can help you out.

Landscape design rough sketch.jpg

Step 3

Last thing we need from you is a description of your project goals, wants, and needs.  

Also if you have material selections or ideas, please include these. 

No worries if you don't have an idea, we can help point you in the right direction!

Option 2

Best for local, unique, complex, or large-scale projects and customers that want the best experience possible!

Step 1

We schedule an on-site consultation to discuss your wants/needs to see if and how they can be incorporated into the project.  

We collect site information and pictures to aid us in delivering a quality design that captures your ideas.   

Step 2

We start creating a design package that includes 3-D/2-D renderings, construction plans, plant legends, and a video walkthrough of the project.  

During this phase, we'll send renderings to get your feedback and make some early revisions.  

Once we have a design package complete we will set up a meeting to 

Step 3

Once the design package is completed(similar to above), we set up a meeting to go over the renderings in depth.  This way we can discuss specifics, walk the site, and discuss revisions.  

The first revision is included but if more are needed, customers are subject to an hourly rate for further revision.  Which any design fee would be credited towards the final project costs.

The Final Design

3-D Photo Renderings
Meta Mansion 3_001.jpg
2-D Plans & Construction Layout
construction layout 1.png
3-D Video Walkthrough

Design Package Starts at $599 which gets you entered into our Giveaway

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