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Landscape Design Cincinnati                                                           

     Designing a beautiful and sustainable landscape that will thrive for years to come is not as simple as putting some plants in the dirt and throwing some mulch around them.  Landscape designers in Cincinnati understand there are some variables to be considered before designing your landscape.  The type of soil, quality of water drainage, the amount of sun exposure are all to be taken into consideration.


    The above questions and the answers they bring can have a drastic affect on the outcome of your landscape.  

      The design process begins with getting a feel for the customers sense of style and what they are trying to accomplish with their new landscape.  Then we move to the drawing or 2D/3D design software.  Simpler projects can be drawn on graph paper, while more complicated projects are designed on the computer.  

   We use real photos of your property to create a computer sketch of the finished project.  Once the designs are approved by you, and any necessary permits are acquired, installation of the project can begin.

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