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Pre Made Landscape & Hardscape Designs

    Hardscape and Landscape Design in Cincinnati have been growing exponentially in demand.  To help others understand what some of the costs are and prices to expect, we have added some pre-made designs to give you a rough breakdown of costs.  

3-D Landscape Design.jpg

Hardscape Cost

What Does Hardscaping Cost?

      The major costs of hardscaping are:

  • Materials- pavers, retaining wall blocks, gravel, etc.

  • Labor & equipment- the cost of manual labor and equipment

  • Site Preparation & Access-

    • objects or structures to remove

    • narrow openings- can slow production

    • long-distance travel for equipment

    • dump fees- cost to dump debris like concrete, soil, lumber, etc.

Cost of Pavers

     The cost of pavers varies from around $3.50 per square foot to $15 per square foot or more.  This is just the cost of the paver and nothing else.  The biggest differences that make the cost of a paver vary is the:

  • Texture

  • Color

  • Tumbled vs. Non-Tumbled 

  • Sealed and Non-Sealed

  • Manufacturing Process


    For example, tumbled pavers are more expensive than non-tumbled because of the extra processing they go through.  Similarly, pavers that are sealed from the factory are more expensive than unsealed pavers. 

To get a custom designed project

Design 1


Design 1 is a walkway constructed from Travertine pavers and is approximately 220 square feet.

Approximate project cost- $4k to $6k

Design 2

Design 2 is a straightforward project with a simple deck landing and steps down to a paver patio approximately 230 square feet.  The pavers used are tumbled pavers with a non-tumbled soldier course(dark pavers).  

Approximate Patio square footage= 230

Approximate Project Cost: $7k to $10k

Paver patio.jpg

Design 3


Design 3 is a paver patio with seat walls and a fire pit with gravel landscaping along the border.  The seat walls are approximately 8 ft long each.

Approximate square footage= 500

Approximate project cost- $8k to $12k

Design 4

Design 4 is a raised patio approximately 16 to 20 inches above the ground, soldiers course, steps down from the paver patio, and updating the landscaping. 


Approximate square footage of patio= 400

Approximate Project Cost: $16k to $18k

Deck and Paver Patio .jpg

Design 5

Paver Patio Installation Lovleand.jpg

Design 5 is for serious entertainers, with an approximate patio space of 450 square ft (30'x15') and a fireplace with matching wood boxes.  This space is ready for the next party, team dinner, or a relaxing evening by the fireplace.

Approximate patio square footage= 450

Fireplace and 2 wood boxes

Approximate project cost- $25k to $30k

Design 6

Design 6 has a little bit of everything in it, deck construction, raised paver patio, and retaining walls.  

Retaining wall dimensions- 50ft long (total) and an average of 3 to 4 ft tall

Paver Patio square footage- 800

Composite Deck square footage- 300

Approximate project cost- $45k to $55k+


Design 7

pool install.jpg

Design 7 is a 40' x 8.5' container pool from Mod Pools that includes an infinity jet, automatic cover, and spa capabilities.  

There is over 1200 square feet of porcelain paver entertaining space including the pool deck and lower patio. 

What you can't see is the 50' long and 7'-9' tall retaining wall holding up most of this space.  This yard had a significant slope and to get the space they wanted a retaining wall was the solution.  

There are more than 300 tons of gravel and 900 retaining wall blocks you can't see that make this project possible.

Pool Cost: $60-$85k

Excavation: $8-$12k

Crane: $8-$16k

Retaining wall: $60-$75k

Porcelain: $45-$55k

Seat Wall: $8-$10k

Cedar Deck w/ Trap door & concrete retaining wall for equipment room: $10-$15k

Landscaping/Finishes: $8-$12k

Total: Over $200k 

Hardscape Add-ons

The average cost of the following hardscape add-ons:

  • Firepit- $500 to $1200

  • Fireplace- $6k to $17k

  • Seat walls- $700 to $3k plus

  • Water Feature- $1k to $10k plus

**Estimating with labor and materials**

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