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Cincinnati Retaining Wall Contractor

     A good retaining wall contractor in Cincinnati is hard to come by.  Make sure the one you choose is a certified block wall installer because the most expensive retaining wall you will pay for is the one you have to pay for twice. 


   Whether it's decorative or structural- retaining walls, as the name implies, hold different materials such as

  • soil

  • mulch

  • rock

  • water

but also the weight of any structure within at least 6ft of the wall or farther.  Things like patios, decks, and houses.

      Block retaining walls and poured concrete retaining walls are the most common, especially for structural purposes.

Block Retaining Wall Cincinnati Ohio
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Allan Block Retaining Wall
Paver walkway and Retaining wall install
Allan Block retaining wall and limestone
Paver stairway and retaining wall instal
Paver patio, Retaining wall, Stairway an
Retaining wall repair
Allan Block retaining wall install
Retaining wall and landscape install

Retaining Wall Design

    They also can be used for purely aesthetic features in a landscape/hardscape setting.  Commonly referred to as garden walls.


    A properly designed wall can greatly increase the size of usable space for ones property.  Sloped backyards could be leveled for more entertaining space or to build a new structure (like pools, patios, additions, etc.).  Poorly designed and constructed walls can lead to costly repairs or replacement.  Retaining wall repair is never a great thing, especially on newer walls.


     Designing a retaining wall can be a tricky process due to multiple variables

  • such as types of soil

  • weights of structures

  • amount of traffic

  • plant/tree life in the area

  • other regulations


     Walls under 4ft tall do not require a blueprint drawing designed by an engineer.  I'm sure you could have guessed this next sentence.  Walls 4ft tall and over HAVE to be designed by an engineer.  The height is also measured from the bottom of the base layer to the top of the last block or capstone. 


     An engineer can charge anywhere from $500 to $1800 or more just to design a retaining wall.  Some may think this is a lot, which it could be, but with the engineer's drawing, comes a guarantee that the wall will not fail as long as it is built to the engineer's specifications.  


  • Allan Block Certified Contractor

  • All our crew members are certified

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