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Deck Contractors Cincinnati

       We are deck builders in Cincinnati striving to deliver quality workmanship and customer service.  A new deck could be just the extra entertainment area you are looking for.  Whether its traditional treated lumber, specialty lumber, composite material, or even stone and tile (that's right stone or tile!) we can make your new deck dream come true.  

Common composite brands:

  • Trex

  • Deckorators

  • Azek

  • Fiberon

  • Timber Tech

      Cincinnati deck builders understand the weather is always something to contend with.  All to often we see decks not built to withstand the freeze thaw cycles we see.  Experience has shown us all about decks in Cincinnati area

     Typically, our design process starts with getting an idea of the customers vision and budget.  This way, we can begin drafting a picture of what the final product will be.  Some might feel the need to keep their budget a secret which is fine but we need to know at least an area or range.  This way we can design your project to your budget.  If your budget is for a Honda, and we try to sell you a Ferrari; we would be wasting both of our times.


     With our design software, we're able to show you a finished project included with landscaping, deck/patio furniture, fireplaces and more. Simpler designs may not require the design software and a quote could possibly be given on the spot.  

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