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Hardscape Contractors Cincinnati

      Hardscape contractor serving Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding area with a strong focus on outdoor living spaces.  Our goal is to provide top-quality hardscape design with outstanding customer service. 

       Hardscape or Hardscaping typically refers to landscaping while incorporating different materials like pavers, stone, concrete, and similar products to create structures in a landscape that work together functionally and aesthetically.


       Hardscape services include but are not limited to: 


        Not only do we design and install projects mentioned above, but also repair and provide preventative maintenance as well.  

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   We can design and implement a plan to achieve your goals or work from a plan you have designed or had designed for you.  Implementing and working with another designer and their plans is no problem at all. 


       We use local, reputable brick paver and stone suppliers to construct our projects.  This doesn't mean we can't use products found elsewherethat need to be special ordered. 

Allan Block

Certified Contractor 

Paver Stone

Certified Contractor 

Cincinnati Hardscapes and Landscape Design

M.P.S. is a premier hardscape and landscape designer in Cincinnati.  We place a high value on customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.  If you are looking for Landscape Hardscape designer near you and you are close to Cincinnati, you've found one.  Fill out a quote request form or message us below.

Hardscape Design

& Install

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