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Cincinnati's Fiberglass Pool Contractor

Why choose a fiberglass pool?


Fiberglass pools offer a variety of benefits over traditional concrete or gunite pools.


They are low maintenance, durable, quick to install, and cost-effective. Fiberglass pools also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit any backyard.


With a fiberglass pool, you can enjoy a stunning backyard oasis without the hassle and upkeep of a traditional pool. 

pool install.jpg
  • Stainless steel grab rail

  • Electrical allowance up to 90' and anything over is an additional $15/foot 

  • Requires 3 open breakers
  • 8" Sump crock (monitor groundwater around the pool
  • Cups, Anchors, & Escutcheons
  • 3-D Design & Walk-thru w/ multiple renderings
  • Water to fill the pool
  • Chemical start-up kit
  • Automatic timer
  • Maintenance kit skimmer, vacuum hose, brush, telescopic pole

Fiberglass pool installation is relatively easy and quicker compared to the alternatives like concrete pools or vinyl-lined pools.

What's included with my pool project?

  • Building Permit- up to $800 allowance

  • Excavation of Pool 
  • Removal of dirt or spreading
  • Recommended base material for pool
  • Pool shell installation
  • All pool plumbing and fittings from pool to equipment pad
  • Backfilling (gravel or sand) around the pool
  • 4 feet of concrete w/ broom finish unless otherwise stated
  • Pool coping and installation
  • Pool filter and pump
  • Automatic chlorine feeder
  • Manual vacuum system
  • Stainless steel ladder
jae & emily.jpg

Shipping Container Pool: 2 to 6 weeks

Fiberglass Pool: 2 to 6 weeks

Vinyl Lined Pool: 4 to 8 weeks

Concrete Pool: 2 to 6 months

A fiberglass pool could be the answer you are looking for and we are the one-stop shop to make it happen. 


That's right we can design and install the pool, landscaping, and outdoor living space.  No need for you to manage multiple contractors to get your project done.  One contractor, one goal - your dream simplified.


So what's the cost?

  • Fiberglass pool Shell, Equipment, & Delivery- $30,000 to $60,000

  • Excavation & Dirt Work- $8k 

  • Crane- $3k to $7k

  • Gravel- $2k to $5k 

  • Pool/Patio (pavers)- $25 to $40 per sqft

  • Pool/Patio (concrete)- $20 to $30 per sqft

  • Electrician- $3k to $6k

  • Retaining Walls- $75 to $95 per sqft 

As you can see, several things can affect the cost of your project.  The average project ranges from $90,000 to $150,000.  

Our Services:

  • Fiberglass pool installation: We work with top manufacturers to provide our clients with the highest quality fiberglass pools on the market. Our team of experts CAN install a pool in as little as a week, leaving you to enjoy your new backyard oasis in no time.

  • Custom project design: We understand that every backyard and every client is unique. That's why we offer custom project design services to create a pool that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.  We also include 3-D renderings with our pool projects.  


     See all of our services that we can include with your project below.

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