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Masonry refers to work involving brick, stone, and stone-like veneer in various applications.  Masonry projects include retaining walls, decorative finishes (for houses, buildings, and structures), as well as structural supports, patio or walk ways, and much more.  Typically, mortar is used in conjunction with these materials.  It's the concrete like substance that binds the material together. 

Over time, mortar can start to crumble and may need to be replaced. Tuck pointing is the process of removing part of the old mortar and replacing it with new.  You might be thinking how can I protect it?  The lifespan of mortar can be greatly increased with periodic cleaning and sealing.  This protects and waterproofs not only the mortar, but also the brick, stone, and veneer while making it less susceptible to mold and algae growth.

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